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Standard Leather Paddle Holster


Paddle holster

Paddle Holster Glock 19The key features of the American Holster Company Paddle holster is that the paddle is all leather which allows it to form to your body unlike a plastic paddle which forces your body to form to it. The paddle is adjustable for cant and works well for strong side carry or cross draw. As with any of our holsters, the mouth is held open with extra thick reinforcement leather – there are no spring steel or plastic stiffeners that can break or bend. Every stitch is hand placed to eliminate the possibility of damage to the seam-line. And our 5 step finishing process for the holster edges – trim, sand, dye, burnish, wax & burnish again – is another example of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each American Holster Company product. Click here to order yours today.

Jay Nelson talks about making tthe OWB Paddle Holster

Customer Reviews

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  1. 4-5-2014

    Given its open top, how is the firearm retained in the holster (i.e. tension, etc…)?

    • 4-5-2014

      All of my holsters are molded to the particular handgun. A properly made leather holster should be molded in such a way that it is able to retain the handgun it is made for. Any holster that is marketed as Large, Medium, small should be avoided as the maker did not take the time to mold the holster. Secondly you should never put just any gun in a leather holster (example if it is made for a P938 you should never put a P238 in it) even though you think the gun fits fine you are taking the risk of loosing the gun and/or possibly damaging the holster.

  2. 3-31-2013

    I am interested in the paddle style for S&W shield. I never wear a belt so for me I think the paddle would be great,my question is does your design stay put when drawing? thanks V

    • 3-31-2013

      A paddle holster is designed to be easily removed if you use the holster without a belt you will need the waist band tight enough to hold the paddle with just the tension of the material. In most situations you should use a belt when carrying a gun. Think of it this way a loaded Shield weighs about the same as about $40.00 in quarter’s so if your pants will stay up and not sag with that amount in your pocket then the pants will support the gun.
      Jay Nelson

  3. 10-18-2012

    Do you carry the max iwb holster for a Kahr cw40?

    • 10-18-2012

      I have to assume you are asking about the Invisi-Tuck IWB Holster.
      Let me start by saying I do not stock holsters I make holsters to order. I can make the Invisi-Tuck Holster for the CW 40.
      Please take a look at the order page to review the order process.

  4. 9-7-2012

    Can you make a holster for the Sig P938 that will have an extension of leather where the safety would touch the skin?

    • 9-7-2012

      With a paddle holster the gun will never touch your skin because the holster is completely outside of the clothing. If you feel the need for a slide shield I can make a custom holster for you. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this option.

  5. 7-16-2012

    have a hk45 with lasermax looking for a paddle style holster

  6. 2-5-2012


    • 2-5-2012

      This holster will not work for a P238 with A CT laser. I can make a paddle holster for the P238 with a CT laser. If the waistband was tight enough the paddle holster would work ok.


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