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2014 World Leather Debut


As a holster maker looking to improve my skills at all levels, I decided to send an LEC paddle holster to the 13th annual 2014 World Leather Debut, held during the Rocky Mountain Leather Trade show in Sheridan Wyoming, to be entered into the Un-tooled  Holster category.
I did this to gain the feedback from the professional judges on the things I can do to improve my holsters. (These judges have been multiple year winners in the past).

I never dreamed that I would place, much less take first.  It is an honor to receive the accolades but the feed back will help me improve my work. I will continue to try to find anything I can to make the product better.
I want to thank all of you that have given me input and the ones that gave us the opportunity to continue to make a living doing what I do. I hope that every person that receives a holster from us (my wife, Rhonda, and I) will look at the piece as an investment and that the craftsmanship shows my commitment to my promise to God. I promised that I would continue to produce a product that could reflect my love for Him. I hope every piece reflects that promise and every piece becomes a little better.
God bless.

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  1. 6-14-2014

    Congratulations Jay! It’s nice to see the heart and soul that you put into your work recognized…I can’t think of someone who deserves it more.

    • 6-14-2014

      Thank you Kevin.

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