The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.
American Holster Company and the S&W Shield

American Holster Company now has a mold for the S&W Shield and is accepting orders.

The Invisi-Tuck All Leather Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster would be a perfect accessory for this pistol.

Order yours today.


  1. 6-4-2012

    Question on Invisi-Tuck. Can you make it with J hooks v. the over the belt clips?


    • 6-4-2012

      A J-clip is just a belt clip that is to week to hold to the pants that is the reason for the need to put the extra bend in the clip so it will catch the belt when you draw the pistol. I have not found any of this style clip that meets my quality standards.
      The clips I use are very stiff and hold tightly, therefor you can clip them just over the pants and put the belt over the clip. This takes care of the concern of having a clip over the belt. The Invisi-Tuck has such a smooth draw and the clips are tight enough that the holster will not move when you draw your gun.
      There is one problem with any clip that is put over just the pants and not over a belt as well. the material of the pants will Sag at that point because the fabric can not support the weight of the pistol.
      Jay Nelson
      Designer of the Invisi-Tuck leather IWB holster

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