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Bill Tallichet


Hello Jay,
Just wanted to let you know that this holster is the finest IWB holster that I own. I put it on the first day I got it and wore it all day and it was the most comfortable one that I have used right out of the box. I wear it every day, all day, and it’s great. Also the draw (practice of course) is quite smooth and has never had a snag, like some other products that I have. I trust this product and wear it exclusively. Thanks for everything!

Bill Tallichet


  1. 10-30-2012

    I bought the Invisi-Tuck I.W.B. for my Ed Brown “Special Forces” in November 2011. Since I have had my holster I have gained over 25 pounds! Due to my “Spare-tire” when I carry “Cocked & Locked” the beaver tail and hammer pokes me in my side. I emailed Jay and told him my problem and he said “Tell me how I can help and I will be glad to alter it for your needs.” When I received my American Holster from Jay it was perfect in every way! Talking about “Customer Service!!!” Tell me another company that would do this and not only do it but, do it without any charge what so ever!!! You will not find this kind of “Customer service” anywhere. Jay, thank you so very much for all that you have done for me. John Howard

    • 1-19-2014


      I have a similar situation. I didn’t gain it, I already have about 30 extra pounds.. I ordered an Invisi-Tuck. I am hoping that all the adjustments on the clips on the holster will give me the option of finding the right combination to make me very happy. I am sure I will. I also ordered the belt, with reinforcement, in a 42″ size. I am sure it will all work, or Jay and I will figure out a better solution, but I don’t think it will be needed. He can offer such incredible service because his product is so good, it is very seldom he has to make an adjustment.

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