The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.
Concealed Carry Holster for the average person. Part one.

Concealed Carry Holster for the average person.

This week we will discuss a common question from customers that have not used the Invisi-Tuck IWB:

“When I carry IWB (in-side the waistband) the holster rubs my skin raw. What can I do to help this?”

There are many things that can help, some find it takes a combination of techniques to make it possible to carry this way.

Look at the fit of your clothing.

Your waist band has to be a least 1” larger than what you normally wear I really recommend 2”.

If your pants normally ride low. (By choice or because of your build.) (Ladies I am sorry I know that is how pants are made for you. In another week I will give insights from several women experts in the industry)

You will have to find pants that do not do this that mean’s a higher waistband. I am not being mean it is just a fact, if the belt is not above the hip bone’s the waist band will slide down even with a great belt. (large frame individuals have more challenges and I will cover this in a future week)


The gun need to be looked at.

The gun has to be “dehorned” This means taking all the sharp edges and rounding them. I recommend that you go to a reputable gun smith to have this done. “Remember any major changes to the gun will change how your gun fits the holster!” Avoid the desire to add the extended anything because it will stick out away from the frame and will dig in to the skin.


Next week the holster.


Jay Nelson, American Holster Company

Designer of the Invisi-Tuck™ IWB Holster

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  1. 2-4-2013

    Jay, I to had the problem of the gun rubbing on my skin. I now where A-Shirts under any of my other shirts and have not had a problem since. They are light enough that I don’t notice them and they don’t add any extra heat.

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