The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.
Custom Tooling & Exotics are Available

Africa featured

When customers ask for Custom work we are happy to accommodate.  These pieces will be used in some exotic places so exotic materials and tooling seemed to fit the bill.

We can accommodate many requests like elephant, ostrich, shark, and rattle snake  just to name a few of the exotic skins we can get to make your holster a one of a kind piece.
The truly discerning gun enthusiast will appreciate the time and effort we put in to all of our products.
If you are in the market for something truly unique give us a call and we will work with you to house your firearm in a holster worthy of it.
Custom work is a passion of mine so call today to get your order in for your truly custom holster.
Call 989-941-6242 (all custom orders require a telephone conversation before we accept the order)
Jay Nelson




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