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Do you have J-clips?

Do you have or can you get J-clips because I do not want people to see the clips over my belt?

This is a question that gets asked often so I figured I would address it here.
A J-clip is just a belt clip that is to weak to hold to the pants and that is the reason for the need to put the extra bend in the clip so it will catch the belt when you draw the pistol.

The clips I use are very stiff and hold tightly, therefor you can clip them just over the pants and put the belt over the clip.

This takes care of the concern of having a clip over the belt.
The Invisi-Tuck has such a smooth draw and the clips are tight enough that the holster will not move when you draw your gun.

I have been asked to make Leather Snap loops and make them tuckable this is why I also provided a picture of the leather loop  to show what a bad idea that would be.

There is one problem with any clip that is put over just the pants and not over a belt as well.

The material of the pants will sag at that point because the fabric can not support the weight of the pistol.

This can become uncomfortable and cause a  J style clip to actually catch on other items or even fail to catch the belt when drawing under stress. (This has happened to at least one of my customers that is a undercover police officer with holster made by a different company. Another one had the same problem with the Velcro clips)
So At this point I only offer the one style clip because it has proven it self to be effective and preforms extremely well under so many conditions.

Jay Nelson
Designer of the Invisi-Tuck leather IWB holster

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