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Invisi-Tuck™ Concealed Carry (IWB) Holster

The Invisi-Tuck™ Concealed Carry (IWB) Leather Holster


The Invisi-Tuck Concealed Carry Holster is the American Holster Company flagship product line for deep concealment. It is designed to be comfortable for all-day wear, concealable with a myriad of clothing styles and durable throughout a lifetime of dependable personal protection service.

The Back Plate, Pocket and Reinforcement Panel (Invisi-Tuck CCW Holster Parts Identification) of the Invisi-Tuck IWB leather Holster are all made-to-order and handcrafted specifically for your handgun. Each is made from hand chosen, high quality leather. You won’t find any cheap imitation leather or fancy-named plastic in any of our holster lines. We use top of the line Chicago Screws, not cheap rivets, hand made leather spacers and our belt clips are chosen for their strength and durability.

Our 5 step finishing process for the holster edges (trim, sand, dye, burnish, wax & burnish again) is only one example of the craftsmanship and care that goes into each American Holster Company product. Click here to order yours today.

Take a moment to read a review comparing the Invisi-Tuck to the others. (This article was written a while ago so the listed price has changed)

Three Tuckable Holsters for a Three-Inch 1911

Arguing over Details
Written by Mark Kakkuri

I get asked all the time if my Invisi-Tuck™ holsters will stay open. The answer is yes but pictures say it better. click the link below to see.

American Holster Company’s Invisi-Tuck™ Photo Gallery.

Click on a image below to see a larger view or go to our Photo Gallery to see more.


Invisi-Tuck for Glock 19

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 9 reviews
by Kenneth Brothers on American Holster Company

If you are looking for the best craftsmanship, look no further. Nothing compares to the artistry and absolute beauty of the 1911 Invisi-tuck Mahogany Holster and Belt that was so skillfully crafted by Mr. Nelson. It was hand punched and stitched with my military service dates. This will be a beautiful heirloom to pass down to my grandsons. Thank you Jay Nelson for something that was more than worth the wait.

K. Brothers

by Jason Hutton on American Holster Company
Wow, what a craftsman!!

Got my holster yesterday and am extremely impressed! Jay makes a superior product. I have a Crossbread Super Tuck for my Sig P220 and the Invisi-Tuck that I got for my HK P2000 is way nicer and more comfortable than the Crossbread. Now I wish that I had reconnected with my childhood friend a long time ago! I will probably order an Invisi-Tuck for the Sig.

Jay Thanks again; this is a wonderful tribute to the brothers I've lost!

by Richard on American Holster Company
masterful craftsman

Hello Jay,

All I can say is I haven’t got all the words to say what a masterful craftsman that you are. The wait was well worth it. I am a very happy customer. Thanks for the great customer service, and the personal touch you have sent me and my family. I wish you and your team the very best.

God Bless you all.



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  1. 10-19-2013

    Can you make an invisi-tuck (original or extreme) for the Sig Sauer C3 and Ultra Compact 1911’s? (which have a non-standard shaped slide)


    • 10-28-2013

      Yes we can make either the Invisi-Tuck™ holsters for the Sig Sauer 1911’s

  2. 8-26-2013

    Jay- I orderd the Invisi-Tuck for my Sig P-938 I received it a few weeks ago ! Absolutely Love it ! I have a couple of the Leather / plastic tuck able holsters from other company’s and as soon as I get the money I will be replacing them with the American Holster product . I ride a motor cycle and wore it all weekend . Most of the time I forgot I had the holster on ! No Squeeks and very comfortable . Looking forward to doing business in the future.

    Thanks for what you do – Robert

  3. 8-14-2013


    I’ve had my sig p239 holstered in your tuckable holster for a couple years now. I wear it every day. I love being able to carry my gun without having to wear a jacket or sweater over my shirt. I never take it off, even once I’m home relaxing, because it is so darn comfortable. It is functional, makes for easy drawing and reholstering, has not scuffed my weapon, and is as beautiful today as it was when I got it. I just wanted to let you know how much I love it and that I’ve made several referrals to you already. If you come to my town (Beachwood, OH), I would very much like to shake your hand.

    Be well and G-d bless,
    Judah R. Lindenberg, MD

  4. 2-26-2013

    Hello Jay:

    When I order the Invisi-Tuck for a Sig P938, are the clips easy enough to fit over the belt? I have try other holsters with metal clips that are hard to open. Can you change the clips for leather loops?


    • 2-26-2013

      This is a question that is covered in the FAQ section. The metal clips are very strong as they need to be, a week clip will make the holster dangerous because the clips job is to hold the holster to the pants. A leather loop would not be strong enough to hold the holster properly and would make the tuck able option infective. Please review the FAQ on the J clips

  5. 1-18-2013

    Do you have any iwb tuckable holsters that would fit a s&w shield .40?

    • 1-18-2013

      I can make the Invisi-Tuck for the Shield.

  6. 1-18-2013

    I have a 30 year old S&w Mod-59 9mm I love, but can’t find a holster with a good fit. Help!!!!

    • 1-18-2013

      While the S&W model 59 was a good pistol it went out of production around 1980 it was never widely adopted and as such the mold manufactures do not produce a mold for that pistol. While I would love to be able to help it is impossible for me to have a mold for every pistol ever made. As a family run shop I have to carefully evaluate the cost of the molds to the # of holsters that we will be asked to make for that pistol. I am sorry I am unable to help.
      Jay Nelson

      • 1-19-2014

        If john sent you his pistol, could you use that to form the leather without damage to the pistol?

        • 1-19-2014

          While I can use the real pistol without any issues. I can not have people ship guns to me as that is against the law. I can do it if they live close enough to bring the pistol to me but not to have it shipped.

  7. 1-15-2013

    Can you make the Invisi-Tuck for the Bond Arms Texas Defender?

    • 1-15-2013

      I can make the Invisi-Tuck for the Texas defender for 3″ or longer

  8. 1-10-2013

    Just wondering if an invisi-tuck that fits a Colt new agent would also fit a full size 1911 such as the Ruger SR1911?

    • 1-11-2013

      The Colt New Agent first of all has no sights and as such I do not mold a sight channel in the holster. The Ruger SR1911 has a large front sight that would catch in the holster made for the New agent. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss this issue as I may be able to help but it depends an how you carry and your environment.

  9. 12-23-2012


    Do you make an Invisi-Tuck for Kahr’s CW40?

    • 12-23-2012

      Yes I can make the Invisi-Tuck for the CW40

  10. 10-5-2012

    I’m wondering if my guns will rub against the metal clips over the course of a long day or as the holster becomes fully broken in. Any feedback on this?

    • 10-5-2012

      The gun will never touch the metal clip on a properly adjusted Invisi-Tuck holster.

  11. 8-27-2012

    i would like to know if you make the invisi-tuck for the kimber solo?

  12. 5-27-2012

    Can you make the invisi-tuck for a keltec p11? How does it do with the shirt untucked as far as the printing of the gun?

    • 5-27-2012

      I can make the Invisi-Tuck for the P11. As for printing the Invisi-Tuck prints less than any other holster I have ever used.

  13. 5-7-2012

    Does the Invisi Tuck have a sight rail to prevent the front sight from catching during the draw motion?

    • 5-7-2012

      The Invisi-Tuck Leather IWB holster dose have a sight channel molded in to the leather for a standard sight If you have night sights or larger aftermarket sights I would need you to indicate that on the order form and I can mold the channel larger.

  14. 3-21-2012

    Just received my IWB HOLSTER, looks great. Wearing it to fit to my body before I use it for ccw. It was worth the wait. Thanks Jay.

  15. 2-7-2012

    Will the invisituck holster remain open for reholstering?

    I have a SIG p238 and looking at IWB holster options.


    Max Gurski
    Livonia MI

    • 2-7-2012

      The answer is yes it will stay open. The pocket opening is reinforced and will not collapse even under pressure from your belt.
      I can make a all leather Invisi-Tuck IWB holster for the Sig P238.
      Jay Nelson
      Designer of
      Invisi-Tuck Leather IWB holster.

  16. 1-5-2012

    Do you have a picture of someone using the invisi-tuck holster?

  17. 12-14-2011

    I’m interested in a iwb holster for my Sig Sauer P239 40S&W. Can you make one? How long would it take?

    • 12-14-2011

      I can make the leather Invisi-Tuck IWB holster for the Sig Sauer P239. The current turn around time is listed on the order page. I do my best to keep this as up to date as possible. Thank you.

  18. 11-28-2011

    Jay, I own an FNP40. I find it very hard to find a good holster for this gun. Most holsters that claim to fit this gun are really made for other guns(XD40, etc). Can you make an ivisi-tuck expressly for this Make and model? Also, have you ever considered ‘J’ hooks for better concealment?

    • 11-28-2011

      I am sorry to say that I can not get molds for the FNP40. So unfortunately I can not make a holster for that gun. Unless you were local and could let me mold to your gun.
      Jay Nelson

  19. 10-2-2011

    Nice looking holster, I currently own a Tucker IWB kydex, and a Crossbreed IWB Kydex. I am wondering about the re-holster factor on a leather holster like yours, even when re-enforced, sometimes the thickness is just too much for IWB to conceal…

    • 10-2-2011

      If your concern is the Invisi-Tuck pocket collapsing when you go to re holster. This is not an issue I have left my holster on with the handgun sitting in the safe in my truck while I spent over two hours on my back fixing the exhaust laying on the holster the whole time. When I was done I climbed out retrieved the gun and re-holstered no issue. If you are concerned about the thickness of the leather. I do not believe you will be able to tell the difference at all to the holster you mentioned.
      Jay Nelson
      Designer of the Invisi-Tuck IWB Holster

  20. 9-18-2011

    Is the Invis-ituck holster a tuckable holster where I can tuck my shirt in behind the clips. Do you make one for a Kimber CPD II 3″?

  21. 9-16-2011

    I am looking for a comfortable IWB holster for my Springfield Armory XD .45. I am left handed so I need one on the left side. I found your Invisi-tuck in the USCCA magazine. I would like price and delivery information.


    • 9-17-2011

      The Invisi-Tuck IWB is (at the time I wright this 9-17-11) $75.00 plus shipping. I can and have made an IWB holster for any variant of the XD or XDM pistol’s from Springfield.
      Turn around / Delivery is based on the backlog of the orders. We are a custom shop and as such we build the holsters in the order that they are received. After the order is placed you will receive an email with an estimate of final cost and expected delivery time. If the turn around time seems to long you will have the ability to cancel the order.

  22. 9-4-2011

    I just received my High Ride OWB holster from Jay for my S&W 5906. Words can not describe the quality that went in to this holster. From my first call to Jay everything from start to finish has been fantastic. I have wasted more money than I care to remember buying different holsters and still not getting what I wanted. As soon as I put this on with my 5906 fully loaded I could tell I had a winner. It holds the pistol nice and tight and very high which is what I had been looking for. I was so impressed that I ordered my Invisi-Tuck for my 1911. I am sure that it will be another quality product from Jay. Sincerely, Bill Frarey

  23. 9-3-2011

    Looking for IWB holster for my Kimber “Raptor” 4″ with a Crimson Trace laser grip. Do you make Invisi-tuck holsters with a cut-out or room for the laser “hump” on the grip? Please let me know. I also have a Sig C3 1911 (4-1/4″) also with a laser grip. Great looking holster!
    Best regards,
    Hoagie Kuhr

    • 9-5-2011

      The Invisi-Tuck holster work very well with the Crimson Trace laser grips. Thank you for your complement.


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