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Invisi-Tuck™ Extreme CCW Holster

The Invisi-Tuck Extreme is an adaptation of the Invisi-Tuck (standard) IWB Holster. This holster is well suited for individuals that have difficulty drawing from or concealing with standard neutral or slight cant holster.
The Invisi-Tuck Extreme Cant IWB Concealed Carry Holster is American Holster Company’s solution for deep concealment for individualizes that have shoulder problems. It is designed to be comfortable for all-day wear, concealable with a myriad of clothing styles and durable throughout a lifetime of dependable personal protection service. This holster has more cant (about 45 deg.) than a standard FBI cant of 15 to 20 degrees. This is not a SOB (small of the back) holster.

This holster is best suited for single stack pistols. The pistols with double stack magazines tend to be too thick to draw properly from this style holster.

Because of the way the pocket of this holster is molded to the gun if your Pistol does not have at least 2″ in front of the trigger guard there will not be enough to keep the gun in the holster. (This mean’s that most pocket pistols and pistols with accessories attached to the rail or in front of the trigger guard will not work with this style holster) If you are not sure please call or email first before you order.

The Back Plate, Pocket and Reinforcement Panel (Invisi-Tuck CCW Holster Parts Identification) of the Invisi-Tuck CCW Holster are all made-to-order and handcrafted specifically for your handgun. Each is made from hand chosen, high quality leather. You won’t find any cheap imitation leather or fancy-named plastic in any of our holster lines. We use top of the line Chicago Screws, not cheap rivets, hand made leather spacers and our belt clips are chosen for their strength and durability.

Our 5 step finishing process for the holster edges (trim, sand, dye, burnish, wax & burnish again) is only one example of the craftsmanship and care that goes into each American Holster Company product.

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 3 reviews
by John Holl on American Holster Company
invisi-tuck extreme

I have had a invisi-tuck extreme for 2 years and carry a Kimber CDPII have worn it all day and is very comfortable. Very easy to draw from and hides weapon very well.Would highly recomend.

by Larry Crocker on American Holster Company
Invisi-Tuck Extreme IWB

The holster is everything Jay says it is!! Made for my Springfield Micro Operator but works with my Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II and Colt Commander as well. Had to go up one size in the waist on my jeans but there is no print of the gun on my shirt. Thanks for everything Jay!

by Kevin ONeill on American Holster Company
I can finally draw pain free

I have shoulder injuries from my younger days breaking horses. I have tried every type of holster on the market and this is the only CCW holster option that I can draw from without any pain.

It also is the only IWB holster that I can sat truly hides my 1911's. The quality is fantastic, and American Holster Company's customer service is top notch.


  1. 3-29-2013

    How well would this holster work if I put it between my belt and jeans? I wear my jeans a little tighter than my better trousers.

    • 3-30-2013

      Because of the size of the back plate it would require you to skip at least two belt loops. So it really would not work the way you described.

  2. 12-13-2012

    The description warns that double stack pistols or handguns with <2" past the trigger guard. Has this design been tried on a px4 subcom? The unusual shape might facilitate good retention and draw if molded tightly around the gaurd or if a snap is added. I ask because I'm looking for a canted leather iwb holster for the px4 sub. This design looks the best.

    • 12-13-2012

      The Extreme will not work for a double stack gun because the thickness of the gun is to much to allow a tight mold of the leather to the pistol. The reason behind the 2″ in front of the trigger guard is because without at least that there is not enough gun in the holster to hold it in place. the PX4 Sub compact has both of these problems wrapped up in one gun. The Extreme will not work with this pistol.
      Most people think they need the extreme because it will hide the gun better and this is true with other style holsters but not a factor with the Invisi-Tuck style. Unless you have a problem lifting your arm to draw a pistol from a holster the extreme really is not the best choice for you.
      Jay Nelson

  3. 9-27-2012

    I’m a very small person (5’6″-132lbs). Side carry IWB usually is too prominent for proper conceal. Can you make an Invisi-tuck for behind the back for a Taurus 840? I’m right handed.
    If not can you make a standard style for the 840?

    Thank you for your time

    • 9-27-2012

      Do not doubt your ability to conceal a handgun IWB I am 5’6″ 140 lb and I carry and conceal a Springfield XD all the time carried at the 4 o’clock position. The Invisi-Tuck pulls the gun tighter to your body better than standard IWB holsters. Please feel free to call and I will be happy to talk to you about your needs and the possibility of making a holster for you. 989-941-6242
      Jay Nelson
      Owner AHCo

  4. 9-25-2012

    I carry a SW shield .40 and occasionally a FNH FX .40. Which holsters would you recommend for each?

    • 9-25-2012

      I recommend the Standard Invisi-Tuck for the shield unfortunately I do not have a mold for the FNH FX at this time.
      Jay Nelson
      owner AHCo

  5. 9-3-2012


    Your work looks great. Are you able to make the Extreme for the Sig P220 or is that too big? It’s a beefy pistol, but it is a single stack. Thanks!


    • 9-3-2012

      The P220 is just slightly larger than a Springfield Operator. I am able to make the extreme for the Sig P220 because the trigger guard is thinner and allows me to mold tighter to it than say a Glock or a XD. I will be happy to make you a Holster for your P220. Make sure when you order you specify whether your P220 has a rail on the dust cover, it was made both ways.

  6. 8-2-2012

    Will the Invisi-Tuck Extreme work with a Sig P938? Does it have the necessary length from the trigger guard?


    • 8-3-2012

      Yes The P938 will work with the Extreme.

  7. 6-24-2012

    Jay..I have a sig nitron 1911. And I have found that the upper slide is thicker then normal 1911’s (kimber,springfield and so on). My question is will your all leather Invisi-Tucks work for my sig? Crossbreed and galco and DeSantis are half leather and molded plastic and don’t fit my pistol.

    • 6-24-2012

      I can make the Invisi-Tuck IWB for the Sig Sauer Nitron 1911. This is one advantage of purchasing from a Custom shop. I have many customers carrying their Sig 1911’s every day in the Invisi-Tuck holster.
      Jay Nelson
      Designer of the Invisi-Tuck IWB holster

  8. 12-5-2011

    Jay, I am interested in the extreme cant, however I have a taurus 24/7 pro which is a double stacked magazine, your description says single stack only. Can you make this holster to fit my weapon? Thanks

    • 12-6-2011

      The reason that The Invisi-Tuck Extreme can only be made for single stack pistol is because the width of the slide and around the trigger
      guard along with the tight angles of the pocket make it impossible to mold the leather tight enough to properly retain the pistol on a double stack gun Like a Glock or the Taurus 24/7. The all leather Invisi-Tuck has three adjustment holes on each side of the pocket to allow for cant adjustment as well as depth adjustments. I think you will find it will work very well for the Taurus 24/7.

  9. 12-5-2011

    I just read about the Invisi-tuck in Concealed Carry mag. I have only carried owb, with a Yaqui slide, for my Kimber Compact CDP II w/ Crimson Trace laser. I was finally able to lose enough weight to drop a pants size, so am concerned that if I went to IWB, I would have to go up a size again. Is this the case?
    If I do go to IWB, how can I compare and contrast the standard tuck and the extreme cant tuck, without buying one of each?
    If I stay OWB, how does the High-Ride compare to the Yaqui slide?

    As a prosecutor going for a bench, I like the Lady of Justice imprint….

    • 12-5-2011

      Most people find they need to up size their pants to carry IWB but I have had many people tell me that they haven’t had that issue. The simple way to compare the Invisi-Tuck Leather IWB holster and the Invisi-Tuck Extreme is to put your unloaded Kimber in your waist band and adjust the tilt on it in the location you would plan to carry. If you find that the extreme tilt digs your ribs then the standard will be the correct choice. The High Ride will hold the pistol higher on the belt than the Yaqui. I can put the Lady Justice on any of my holsters.
      My personal opinion is that most individualizes will find that the Standard Invisi-Tuck is the best choice for them.

  10. 11-27-2011

    Jay, I carry a S&W 1911 ProSeries .45 ACP. It is a subcompact handgun, with a 3″ barrel. From looking at the pictures, it doesn’t matter the length of the weapon, just that it is a 1911, and should fit in your IWB Invisi Tuck Extreme?

    I see that you offer the POW/MIA symbol as an extra for your holster. I have been an Army Airborne Combat Infantry Medic for nearly 25 years now, and I wonder if any of the symbols from my military career could be done. Examples, Combat Medical Badge, Second Award; Senior Parachutist Wings; The 82nd Airborne patch, etc? If so, how much would these alterations cost?

    Thank you for your time,
    Michael Elston

    • 11-27-2011

      You are correct I can make the leather Invisi-Tuck Extreme IWB Holster for any size 1911. Some items can be difficult to tool, When requesting something special it would be best for me to go over what you are looking for via telephone to ensure you will be happy with what you are looking for. I am confident I can create something that will fit the bill.

  11. 11-25-2011

    Your friend is basing his recommendation on departmental policies. As a private citizen a thumb-break is not needed for retention this is only needed if you place yourself in a situation were the gun can be removed from the holster by someone else. On the other hand if a holster has a thumb-break on it that thumb-break can get into the trigger guard during the holstering process and with pistols like the Glock or any other pistol for that matter this can cause the firearm to AD (accidental discharge). The Invisi-Tuck IWB Holster will hold your firearm tight to your body and since it is concealed the chance of your having some one trying to disarm you will be very slim.

  12. 10-27-2011

    Jay–I really like the look of the Invisi-tuck Extreme CCW (IWB) holster and feel that the design would work for me. However, I’m not sure I want to revamp my wardrobe (buy bigger pants) to use the IWB. My question is: Do you make and sell an Extreme CCW as a OWB?

    Thanks. JFH

    • 10-27-2011

      I do not make the extreme cant design in an OWB because the retention of the firearm would be inadequate with out a retention strap. In my opinion a holster that requires that feature is an inferior design and should not be produced. The retention strap can enter the trigger guard during holstering and cause the firearm to have an A.D.


  1. 4inch Gp100 holster... - Invisi-Tuck Very happy with mine.

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