We are currently working on orders received the third week of October 2016. Thank you again for all your support and patience. GOD Bless. Updated 12-17-18

IWB Invisi-Tuck™ holster and mag pouch for Colt Mustang XSP


Invisi-Tuck and mag for Colt Mustang XPS

This Right handed Invisi-Tuck ™ set is specifically made for the  Colt Mustang XSP.

The customer forgot to cancel the order when he sold his gun but that is Great news for you.

The normal price for this set would be $182.50 and a 9 month wait but this set only is $155.00 shipped.

Call 989-941-6242 to purchase it.

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  1. 4-3-2018

    Would this fit a para carry 9 lda? It’s a single stack 9mm with 3 1/2” barrel in a compact 1911 platform

    • 4-11-2018

      no the Para 9LDA is a much bigger gun, sorry

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