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Kevin ONeill
(Custom Holster)


My custom conceal holster for the SA Micro .45 arrived today…it’s perfect! I can’t believe that you figured out a way to still make it tuck-able. Genius. I am posting a pic of it. I’d post one of me wearing it…but you wouldn’t be able to see it 🙂

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  1. 9-20-2011

    I recently purchased a S&W 1911 3″ and would like a holster similar to
    the Kevin Oneills custom.Can you put a ‘Semper Fi’ on it also if possible
    a slight front cant? Thank you C Grenier

    • 9-21-2011

      We can Put Semper Fi on any of our holsters it would be extra tooling. Custom holsters can be made but there is normally extra charges involved it is best to call before ordering.

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