If you have an order outstanding, I have not forgotten you. I will complete it as soon as I can. God bless. (4-25-19)

Lead times and health report 2018


busyToday May 3rd. 2018

I am giving an update on my health and our backlog and ordering process.

First God is so GREAT!!!
I am cancer free and back in the shop full time.

The current Lead time is being quoted at 7 months or more and our order process has been updated so be sure you check the order page.

The scroll at the top still looks like the lead time is two years but over the coarse of the treatments last year many orders dropped off the books. Please understand I am working current backlog “those orders did not pay a deposit”  as fast as I can.
God bless
Jay Nelson




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  1. 3-9-2016

    Thanks for the heads up, Jay.

    I’m thankful that God has blessed you with the business. The fact that you have a one-year backlog is testimony to the quality and craftsmanship that you honor Him with. I’ll wait in line patiently… Not only will I receive the quality worth waiting for, but I’ll be blessed with patience, one of the fruits of the Spirit! ;})

    “Kickin’ in the Gates!”
    (Matt 16:18b)


  2. 2-19-2016

    I ordered a Left handed OWB Paddle Holster for my Beretta Cougar from you back on June 1,2015. I am still looking forward to receiving your all leather paddle holster. Please continue to manufacture my holster when it falls next in line. Thank you.

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