We are currently working on orders received the second week of February 2016. Thank you again for all your support and patience. GOD Bless. Updated 2/16/18

Lead times and health report 2018


busyToday January 18. 2018

I am giving an update on my health and our backlog and ordering process.

First God is so GREAT!!!
I am cancer free and back in the shop full time, with the fact that we already had an 18 month lead time and because of the cancer treatments I have gotten so far behind that I have decided to work through my back log before I start taking orders again. I have great hopes that I will be able to start taking orders again by August 2018
Keep checking back on the website for the order form to return.  God bless
Jay Nelson



Previous comments:

2015 has been a year that has taught me many lessons – one of those lessons is that I am 46 years old and can not work 15 hr days, 360 days a year, and stay healthy and productive.  I have been pushing that pace for the last 4 years and that is what our lead time was based on. At this pace I was able to complete 12-15 holsters a week (all of my holsters are still hand made and not one will be exactly the same as the next).
On January 1, 2015, we had a little over 250 orders waiting to be made. If I would have been able to keep even 3/4 of that pace, I would have been completing holsters ahead of the quoted 38 weeks, but I did not take in to account the shift in the holsters that were being ordered and now the majority of my production is on the more complex holsters. These have greatly slowed me down. Along with my inability to work the 100 plus hrs a week, I have fallen way behind the quoted time frame.
I am still working over 50 hrs a week but my production has dropped to just a fraction of the pace.
At today’s pace it looks like our lead time will be over the 1 year mark.
Before you ask me to hire someone to help me, ask your self if you are willing to pay double for being able to get your holster in only 6 months instead of 12 months.  Second, I did have an employee and he actually slowed me down because I had to teach him to do the work right. (today’s workers think as long as it fits or since most people wont notice, it is fine) This is not and will never be acceptable for product going out of my shop.
So Today, January 1, 2016, I am announcing that all future orders will be quoted with the 18 month or more lead time.  If you already have an order in with us, your lead time is also moved out to this time frame.
Because we do not accept payment in advance you are able to cancel your order without any problems.

I expect that this will slow the # of orders coming in and eventually I will have my lead time back down to a more reasonable 6 month wait (or that is my hope)
God bless and Thank you for reading this.
As of February 2017 Things still have not slowed down and we are still running with a very long backlog and our quoted lead time is still 18 months.



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  1. 3-9-2016

    Thanks for the heads up, Jay.

    I’m thankful that God has blessed you with the business. The fact that you have a one-year backlog is testimony to the quality and craftsmanship that you honor Him with. I’ll wait in line patiently… Not only will I receive the quality worth waiting for, but I’ll be blessed with patience, one of the fruits of the Spirit! ;})

    “Kickin’ in the Gates!”
    (Matt 16:18b)


  2. 2-19-2016

    I ordered a Left handed OWB Paddle Holster for my Beretta Cougar from you back on June 1,2015. I am still looking forward to receiving your all leather paddle holster. Please continue to manufacture my holster when it falls next in line. Thank you.

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