The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.
Leather Belts by American Holster Company

American Holster Company is proud to announce that we are now hand making a 1/4″ thick 1 1/2″ wide double thickness belt that is glued and stitched together to provide the best quality belt possible.
These standard belts work Great for those with waist sizes under around 44″ when the belt starts to get longer than that the belt should be stiffer yet.

This is why American Holster Company also offers a Poly reinforced two layer 1 1/2″ wide belt as well. If you are larger around the waist or carrying a very heavy gun and especially if you are carrying in my High Ride you should consider this belt.

Not all Gun belts are made equal there are places selling 1/8″ poly reinforced belts and saying they are gun belts this is not true the only thing the poly on a belt this thin will do is keep the belt from stretching length wise not from twisting under the weight of a hand gun.

A good test to see if your belt is stiff enough is to hold it out and see how much it will sag under its own weight. The picture is of my standard belt and a belt advertised as a gun belt but is only 1/8″ thick.   (Note the belts are the same length.) The second picture is of my standard belt holding up a Midland holster with out any extra support.

When you order your belt please make sure you tell us the size of your belt in the comments section.

To determine your belt size:

If you don’t normally carry IWB and are ordering a Invisi-Tuck holster please add 2″ to the measurement.

Order your leather holster and belt here

American Holster Company’s Leather Belt Photo Gallery

Click on a image below to see a larger view or go to our Photo Gallery to see more.



  1. 5-31-2015

    Jay could you explain the difference between your standard belt and the reinforced one. Also if you could what any advantages there may be between them. Thanks.

    • 5-31-2015

      First the standard belt is two layers of 7 oz leather glued and sewn together. This creates a very sturdy belt for general carry use the Reinforced belt has a thick poly strap sewn in between the layers of leather to create a belt that is even stiffer. A good belt is the platform for any holster but the heaver the weight that the belt has to support the stiffer the belt has to be. One advantage of a reinforced belt is that it will support the holster and gun on your pants when you need to sit in the bathroom. If you need to remove your gun except to put it in the safe at night or when you need to use it there may be a problem with the belt or the holster.

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