The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.
Making an Invisi-Tuck Holster CCW Holster

The American Holster Company Way

Step one

Hand pick the leather every piece of leather is different and making sure that you pick the leather that has the density and thickness that is needed for each part of the holster is just one part of making a holster that holds its shape.

Step two

Layout each piece of the holster on the leather and cut the pieces

Step three

Work the edges ,mark and punch the holes for sewing the reinforcement on the pocket.

Step four

Dye the leather (even the parts that will never be seen).

Step five

Sew the reinforcement to the pocket

Step six

Mold the pocket to the proper gun. This step requires us to have a scale replica of each gun (a mold).

Step seven

Finish the edges of the leather. This is done with with a secret blend of waxes.

Step eight

Punch holes and sew the pocket to the back plate.

Step nine

Seal the leather to moisture.

Step ten

Attach hardware and take picture to send to the customer.


Jay Nelson, American Holster Company


  1. 4-14-2013

    Do you make Invisi-Tuck (IWB) for S&W M&P 45 and 40c?

    • 4-14-2013

      I can make the Invisi-Tuck for both the M&P 45 and the 40c

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