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American Holster Company Mold Gun Rental Information:

American Holster Company has over 300 different molds and many of these are of the older models that are not available any more. If you have a customer with an older gun that really wants new gun leather you now have the option to support that need without having the gun on hand.

Rental term:  Two weeks. If the mold is not returned on time (or at least have postal service notification that it shipped) there will be an additional charge.
Cost: $20.00 (Only one mold may be rented at a time.)
Shipping: $16.00 (This will cover the cost of shipping to you, plus the return shipping back to us when you are finished with the mold. We will provide the packaging for return shipping in the same package as your rental mold.)

When you place your order you will not be billed unless we have the correct mold gun for your needs. If you are planning to rent a mold for a Glock or any variant of a 1911 except the long slide, I strongly recommend you contact Aaron @ http://makersleathersupply.com and purchase the blue gun mold.

Billing will either be via a paypal invoice or with a credit card over the phone. Do not be surprised if I contact you to be sure the mold I have will work for you, as there is no reason to ship a mold that won’t meet your needs.

If for some reason you have a problem with the mold please pick up the phone and talk to me directly at 989-941-6242.

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