We are currently working on orders received the second week of February 2016. Thank you again for all your support and patience. GOD Bless. Updated 2/16/18

As the owners of a small business, there comes a time when you realize you can no longer keep up with the influx of orders, and need to stop taking orders in an effort to catch up. American Holster Company has only two employees, one to make the product, and one to cover the paper work and a good chunk of the prep work. We are a husband and wife team, and we find ourselves in this situation of needing to shut down our order page, so we can try to catch up. We will still be answering emails from customers about their orders, and taking phone calls when we are available.
Jay, the main owner and holster maker, was recently diagnosed with head / neck cancer, and is about to start treatments for the cancer. This will be at least a three month process, plus time needed for recovery from the chemotherapy and radiation treatments that have been recommended for his best chances at a cure.
So, starting now (June, 2017) until further notice, American Holster Company is suspending our order taking abilities and will be concentrating strictly on our back-log of orders and Jay’s recovery.
If you are a Christ-believer, we would appreciate all prayers offered up for Jay’s recovery, and we thank you for your support.

The Order Process (see order form below)

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After you submit your order, you will receive a email telling you when your holster will be finished. At any time during the process you may email or call to have any questions answered, we will respond within one day.

Once your holster is completed, you will receive an email with a picture of it. If you are satisfied, you have the option of sending us a check or we can send an invoice via PayPal.  As of June 3, 2012 we can also accept  via telephone if necessary. After your payment is received, we will ship your holster the next business day via Priority US Mail.

Before you order
Please note we are currently running (18 months or more) from order date to completion. Please understand that delivery times quoted when you order are best guess at the minimum time you will wait for delivery.
We are a family-owned and run business which has been blessed with a very constant business. Our work is done by hand, and in order to make a quality product, a little extra time is needed.

Our repeat customers will assure  you that our attention to detail makes our product worth the wait.

Jay Nelson, American Holster Company
Designer of the Invisi-Tuck Concealed Carry Holster

Any custom orders require a telephone conversation first.

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