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Price Increase 3/1/14


I have received my second price increase of 2014 for leather and the projections for the next few years do not look good. Because I have such a long lead time and promise my pricing at the time of order it is important to insure I keep up with the leather market. I will not compromise on the quality of my leather so I can not shop suppliers based on price. Herman Oak is the top rated and most sought after leather in the industry. It has taken a long time to develop the ability to buy direct from the mill and because of this I can weather slight changes in pricing but this last one pushes past the margin.

I know how hard it is to spend your hard earned $money$ on something  especially if the price goes up and you do not see an added value for your dollar. I will be upgrading my OWB holsters on all future orders to be lined smooth side inside and out so you are able to justify the price increase and also because I believe the product will improve greatly from this change.
All current orders in the production Q will be made with a slightly heavier leather to insure you get a good quality holster if you would like to change your current order to have the smooth side lined holster I will be happy to change the order but you will have to pay the new price. This will not change place in the production Q,  just your price.

If you would like more information on how the pricing of leather is effected please read the document from Herman Oak dated Feb 10 2013


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