The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.
RH IWB Invisi-Tuck™ Holster and mag Pouch for Glock 36 (sold)

Invisi-Tuck Set G36

This Invisi-Tuck™ set is for a Glock 36 it is right handed and ready for use.

The customer forgot he ordered but that means you don’t have to wait if you have been wanting a real all leather holster for your G36 now is the time to jump on this deal.

A set like this is normally $182.50 including shipping plus you would have to wait 9 months but because he backed out you have the chance at a great deal. This set only is $155.00 including shipping. Call to purchase this holster set. 989-941-6242
This Item sold 8-11-15

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