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Sig Sauer P938


American Holster Company is proud to announce that we can make the Invisi-Tuck ™, our paddle holsters and the Midland Holster for the new Sig Sauer P938.

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  1. 3-3-2013

    I am looking for a shoulder holster for a Sig P938.

    • 3-6-2013

      I am sorry but we do not make any shoulder holsters at this time.

  2. 1-24-2013

    Just bought the p938 black rubber grip.
    My first gun. Now I need a quality holster.
    I don’t like scars, scratches etc that I haven’t
    put there myself.
    Now the hard part. I don’t know what holster
    to get. I’ve been carring it in my coat pocket.
    I need something for that purpose for sure.
    In addition to that I think I want a outside holster. I just don’t know if the inside will be
    Comfortable. On either one how is it sitting down? How do I decide?

    I trust you have these questions from time to time. Appreciate your input.


    • 1-24-2013

      Please give me a call because it would be easier to go over all of the questions and the variables that way.
      I do not make a pocket holster because there are so many good ones on the market but as for on body carry the P938 works Great in the Invisi-Tuck.

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