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The LEC Paddle Holster (Law Enforcement / Competition)

LEC Paddle


The LEC, or Law Enforcement / Competition paddle holster is our normal paddle holster, with a small adjustment made to it. It has an all leather strap attached to the paddle, which loops under the belt and snaps at the top of the paddle. This feature helps prevent the paddle from coming loose from the pants in stressful situations, which may be useful for law enforcement officials or in competitions involving a quick draw.

The strap prevents the paddle from being able to be removed from the pants unless you intend for it to be removed.

The key features of the American Holster Company Paddle holster is that the paddle is all leather which allows it to form to your body unlike a plastic paddle which forces your body to form to it. The paddle is adjustable for cant and works well for strong side carry or cross draw. As with any of our holsters, the mouth is held open with extra thick reinforcement leather – there is no spring steel or plastic stiffeners that can break or bend. Every stitch is hand placed to eliminate the possibility of damage to the seam-line. And our 5 step finishing process for the holster edges – trim, sand, dye, burnish, wax & burnish again – is another example of the craftsmanship and quality that goes into each American Holster Company product.

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  1. 6-3-2018

    Wow!, & I mean Wow!! Got My LEC Competition Holster yesterday & frankly I couldn’t be more pleased. I was and am really impressed by the quality of your work. I showed it to some of my friends & co-workers and I believe that you will get a few new customers from that alone.
    Great job, Many thanks. Keep up the great work. May the Lord continue to bless you all of your days


  2. 8-14-2014

    Does the addition of the strap on the LEC severely restrict the cants that holster can be carried at?

    • 8-14-2014

      The retention strap is attached to the paddle so it does not restrict the adjustment of the paddle at all. The adjustment has to be made and then the screws tightened for use. The holster is not designed to be adjustable continually. God bless and thank you for the question.

  3. 1-11-2014

    Have you made any cross draw style holsters? I carry a Colt Commander and I have been looking for such a holster. I would want it OWB, for a right hand carry.

    • 1-12-2014

      The paddle holsters work great as cross draw holsters.


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