We are currently working on orders received the third week of January 2016. Thank you again for all your support and patience. GOD Bless. Updated 1/15/18

The order process


The order process with American Holster Company is different than what you get from most other company’s. This is because we believe that you should only pay for a product that you are confidant that you will be happy with and only when it is ready to ship.

Because we are a custom shop and make one holster at a time it is important that the communication between you and American Holster Company be timely.

After you submit your order you will receive a email telling you what the time line is to expect your holster to be finished along with the total you will pay after it is complete.

At any time during the process you may email or call to have any questions answered, we will respond within one day.

Once your holster is finished you will receive an email with a picture of your holster if you are happy with the look you will have the option of sending us a check or we can invoice via PayPal.  As of June 3, 2012 we can also accept  via telephone if necessary. When we receive payment we will ship your holster the next business day Priority US Mail.

Jay Nelson

Before you order,

We are a family-owned and run business which has been blessed with a sudden upturn in business. Our work is done by hand, so to make a quality product dose mean a little extra time is needed. Our lead time is listed on the order page.

Our repeat customers will assure  you that our attention to detail makes our product worth the wait.

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  1. 1-16-2016

    Happy New Year! Keep up the good work! When are we going to see a shoulder holster from you? With your talent, It would be a big seller up north in the liberal states when winter keeps the layers too hard for easy access to IWB holsters. I recently have been wearing an older shoulder holster from B. Keep me posted.

    • 1-20-2016

      As of right now we are so busy just making the models we currently have I just have not had time to prefect the shoulder holster design I have been working on.

  2. 12-12-2013

    Hello Jay,
    All I can say is I haven’t got all the words to say what a masterful craftsman that you are. The wait was well worth it. I am a very happy customer. Thanks for the great customer service, and the personal touch you have sent me and my family. I wish you and your team the very best.

    God Bless you all.
    Richard Propoggio

  3. 12-25-2012

    I am thinking about purchasing the OWB high ride for a Glock 19, i figure it will conceal better in the winter months with a sweater over it, and with your experience is there anything i should know about your holster and this idea.


    • 12-25-2012

      When people tell me that they are looking at an OWB holster and plan to conceal it with a shirt or sweatshirt, the first thing I think is”Why”? There are two main reasons to carry OWB: Speed of draw or comfort, and unquestionably these are both true with OWB carry. But when you add a cover garment that has to be lifted over the holster and the gun to draw, you eliminate the speed factor and create a situation that will not happen with the Invisi-Tuck. Your gun will print. If you are concealing with a cover garment that is open in the front and you can sweep it away, this becomes less of a problem but the Invisi-Tuck would serve the purpose better in that situation as well. The comfort of an OWB holster should not be the deciding factor in selecting a holster for concealment, especially when you can buy a holster that almost everyone that has ever purchased one will say “is the most comfortable holster they have ever worn” (the Invisi-Tuck). The High ride holster is a beautiful holster and is well suited for OWB carry but the advantages of OWB carry are obsoleted when you conceal it. This is just my opinion based on observation of carry practices of so many people and my personal experience.
      Jay Nelson
      Owner AHCo

  4. 11-27-2011

    I am a little bit bigger guy and I carry a full sized taurus 24/7 which in a typical IWB holster the butt of the gun has a little indention where it sticks around the curve of my body. I wanted to try one of your extreme invisi-tuck as it would make the butt go up my body instead of beside it. How much more would it cost to make the extreme for my gun? Thanks.

    • 11-27-2011

      The Extreme will not work properly for the wider double stack guns. (The retention and draw just do not work well with this design) You will find that the Standard Leather Invisi-Tuck IWB Holster will work best for the Taurus 24/7. The Invisi-Tuck has three adjustment holes on both sides of the pocket. You should find this enough to get a comfortable fit.

  5. 9-6-2011

    If there is one thing alot of companies (large or small) have lost these days in order to secure a good business clientel is to know the meaning of Real CUSTOMER SERVICE. American Holster Company knows the meaning of Real CUSTOMER SERVICE. Just for an example… Most people do not work on Labor Day. I came across a concealed carry magazine that I read on a regular basis and read some information on this company and I figured I would leave them a telephone message for a specific extremely hard to find holster, all the while thinking that I would not get an answer until after Labor Day, at least. Well, the telephone rang within the hour and yup! It was American Holster bending over backwards to help me in my quest. Now that is good customer service, coupled with good quality merchandise and low customer returns. Keep up the good work American Holster and you will be highly successful in your quest in business.

  6. 8-25-2011

    Jay, I am a private investigator from Kentucky that carrys a Kimber CDP Ultra II. I injured my right shoulder several years ago and have found that I do not have to rotate my right shoulder as much when I carry at the 4-5 o’clock position with the butt of the gun turned out. I currently am using a left’handed IWB turned to that position. My problem is there is no cant and a regular FBI type cant would be backwards. Could you make me a left-handed Invisa-Tuck holster with a reverse cant(cant away from spine). Have you ever had anyone make a request like this? I think some people call it “Mexican Carry” when it is without the holster????? I would also like the holster to be open in the bottom so I could carry my Kimber or a Colt Commander or regular 5″ 1911, if that is possible. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Bill Sartaine

    • 9-5-2011

      We do not advocate carry with the butt of the gun down because when you draw the weapon from that position you will be crossing your body with the muzzle of the gun. However the Invisi-Tuck Extreme cant has been used well for customers that have past shoulder injuries.

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