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Why Right is Wrong

In this video we will discuss why some times something that may seem right for you is not the best idea. When it comes to holsters it is up to the designer to know what is safe and what is not.
I mention in this video that if you insist that you need a holster that I deem unsafe you will have to sign a waver and pay an additional fee.  At the time of recording the video I could not imagine someone would still want this style holster.
There is no waiver and I will not make a holster that I deem unsafe!!!!

Your Safety is far more important than a simple sale.

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  1. 9-21-2012

    just got a much appreciated education. That’s the way I carry but my holster does not have a cant, however, I still draw with the palm out. Thanks for pointing out the danger. I’ll be getting the Extreme when I make my order.
    Thanks again,

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