The lead times have decreased, and we are ready to make your holster.

Question: I’m a big guy, so chaffing is a concern, I would like to have the larger Back Plate.

I see in step 9 of how to make the holster that you seal it for moisture. I live in a very humid area during the summer and have had luck with horsehide. Do you offer horsehide or do you believe your moisture sealing is sufficient? I do know that the horsehide has been very comfortable for me.


I will happily make the holster with a larger back plate. I do not currently offer Horse Hide.  I can not find a domestic source for the hides. I would have to import them from China. The sealing process works well but with any leather holster if it gets to wet it will absorb the moisture if this happens just let it air dry before use again.

One suggestion that has helped so many others that have chafing problems is to were a Tank style t-shirt between the holster and yourself. I know this sounds crazy because you told me you live in a hot humid location and why would you want to add extra clothing? The reality is that the t-shirt will absorb the sweat and help cool your body better than just a cover garment. This theory has been tested and proven by some of the best in the law enforcement industry



  1. 9-21-2011

    Do you have invivi-tuck holster for a walther P22 with a factory laser sight that is mounter fowar of the trigger guard that will protect the laser switch? How long to deliver?

    Fred Rabel

    • 9-21-2011

      I can make the Invisi-Tuck for the P22 with the factory laser. Delivery is based on order backlog. Currently we are running around five weeks as of today’s date 9-20-11.

  2. 9-14-2011

    Or like me you can pull your briefs up to lay under the holster. Be sure they are not too tight.

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