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The High Ride

American Holster Company High Ride OWB Holster


j-Frame-HiRide-Revolver-Holster The most common problem with the high ride design is they ride too high and will not stay tight to the body because it is top heavy.  Our High Ride holster is designed with a third belt loop in the middle of the holster to eliminate this problem and ensure that the gun will stay tight to the waist.
(There are a few exceptions to this rule if you have 10 or more rounds of .45ACP in your magazine your gun will be top heavy and I suggest you try the Midland Design instead).
The other problem with a high ride holster is that the draw is difficult  because of how high you need to lift your arm in order for the firearm to clear the holster. This can throw you off balance. American Holster Company solves this using a unique design in the “cut” of the Pocket to allow for a quicker, shorter draw significantly reducing arm lift. And to top it off, each surface of the American Holster Company’s High Ride holster is smooth grain, finished leather.

Because of the ride height of this holster you will need a gun belt that is at least 1/4″ thick.  Not all Gun belts are made equal there are places selling 1/8″ poly reinforced belts and saying they are gun belts this is not true the only thing the poly will do is keep the belt from stretching length wise not twisting under weight unless the leather is 1/4″ and the poly is actually sewn to the leather.

Our 5 step finishing process for the holster edges (trim, sand, dye, burnish, wax & burnish again) is only one example of the craftsmanship and care that goes into each American Holster Company product. Click here to order yours today.

Here is a independent review published by USCCA

American Holster Company High Ride Holster Review


American Holster Company’s High Ride Photo Gallery.



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American Holster Company
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Larry DeKam on American Holster Company
High Ride holster

Received my OTW high ride for my every day carry Sig P250 This is by far the nicest and most comfortable holster I own, Great for concealment !!

by Rob Mosley on American Holster Company
One of the best

I received my High Ride holster for my Kimber Ultra Raptor II and was very impressed with the quality and how much attention to detail Jay puts into his holsters. Perfect fit for my Kimber Ultra Raptor II and well worth the wait, you will be very pleased!!!! I definately be back and thanks again Jay for a wonderful job! Oh, got the mag pouch too, beautiful!!

by Keith Jones on American Holster Company
Back for More

I ordered two holsters from you awhile back, and was really glad to see the attention to detail and the high level of quality that you put into your product. As a result, when I bought two new handguns, both of them my "treasures", your name and holsters became the only choice for me. Yep, I'm back for two more of your fantastic holsters, an Invisi-Tuck, and the High Ride. Can't wait to see them! The quality and comfort is unbelievable, and cannot be matched by the "chain" stores. Thanks again!


  1. 3-11-2015

    Can you make the high rise for a glock model 22

    • 3-12-2015

      Yes we can make the High Ride for the G22. I did reply to your previous question, my response must have gone to you junk mail. I am sorry that you had to ask the second time. God bless

  2. 5-20-2013

    I’m looking at a high ride for a Beretta 92 compact type “M”. Do you have the specimen to make this holster?

    • 5-20-2013

      At this time I do not have enough information on the gun to be sure, but I do not have the exact mold, So I am going to have to say We can not make a high ride for that pistol at this time. Thank yo for considering us even with our long lead times. God bless.

  3. 5-12-2013

    Can you make a high ride holster for the SA XDM 3.8 in .45ACP?


    • 5-13-2013

      Yes we can make the High Ride for the XDM 3.8

  4. 5-5-2013

    Howdy Jay,

    Can you make a high Ride strong side w/ an extra belt slot to allow a cross draw carry; 1903, 1911 and P938?

    • 5-13-2013

      There are many holster makers making something like what you are asking for but at this time with my long lead times I can not take on a custom request like that. If you would like to give me a call I will see if I can help you find a reliable holster maker that will be able to help you out. God bless

  5. 2-22-2013

    Jay, can you make a OWB High Ride for SP101 2.5″ barrel?

    • 2-22-2013

      Yes we can make the High Ride SP101

  6. 2-22-2013

    For the OWB high ride for S&W J-frame, what belt widths are available in the holster?

    • 2-22-2013

      The High Ride will accommodate up to 1 3/4″ belts.

  7. 2-22-2013

    Do you make a hihgride for a Kimber Ultra 1911 wirh a 3″ barrel?

    Will await you answer.

    Dr. Cline

    • 2-22-2013

      We can Make the High Ride for the Kimber Ultra in any length barrel just make sure you note which one you have on the order form.

  8. 2-4-2013

    looking for High Ride for XDS

  9. 1-20-2013

    Are you able to make a high ride for a SP 2022 SIG

    • 1-20-2013

      Yes I can make the High Ride for the Sig SP2022.

  10. 12-16-2012

    Are you able to make a high ride for a sig 938?

    • 12-21-2012

      I can make the High Ride for the Sig P938.

  11. 6-22-2012

    Should I be concerned of my gun coming loose while running or fighting? With your high ride.

    • 6-22-2012

      The High Ride is designed to worn by the general public in everyday situations. It has a good retention and will handle normal situations like running across the street. Any holster that does not have a positive retention system like a thumb break could have the pistol come loose in a physical confrontation, rolling around on the ground or jumping over obstacles. Our recommendation is to avoid physical conflict at all costs.
      If your job requires you to put your self in to a position where you could be fighting or having to chase you would be better off with a holster with a positive retention system.
      If this is the situation. We are a custom shop so making a holster that will meet your needs is always possible, I would be happy to discuss a solution with you.
      Jay Nelson
      Designer of the Invisi-Tuck IWB Holster

  12. 2-1-2012

    Can you make a high ride for a Taurus PT 1911 with rail?

    • 2-1-2012

      Yes I can make the High-Ride for the Taurus PT1911 with the rail.
      Jay Nelson

  13. 1-23-2012

    Enjoy your work — looking for holster for Charter Arms 22mag Pathfinder 2″ jframe

    I’m assuming for the size and weight of gun it would be smaller than holsters illustrated.

    Looking forward to working with you.

  14. 1-5-2012

    Can you make one to fit an S&W 908?

    • 1-5-2012

      Unfortunately I am unable to get a mold for the S&W 908 if you live close enough I could use your gun to mold the holster to.

  15. 12-5-2011

    looking for a high ride owb for a sig P228

    • 12-5-2011

      The High Ride can be made for the Sig P228. Thank you

  16. 10-20-2011

    I searched the countryside for months to find the “right” holster for my carry piece. I found it with the “High Ride” from American Holster Company.”
    It arrived on time, perfect, and my piece fit exactly into the cavity, as expected.
    I plan to buy at least one more holster from this company, and perhaps two, for various carry situations.
    Bravo, Jay. BRAVO.

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